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There are basically four ways of knowing or receiving information about the world around us: Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery. Thinking ranks high as a way of knowing today, often seen as the only valid mode of knowing. Sensing and Feeling are considered more subjective and less valued ways of knowing, with Imagination frequently falling into only the realm of children, artists and authors.

“Imagery itself has never been used systematically as a tool to help us gain an understanding of the world, yet, it could be an approach with value equal to the scientific method”, says Eligio Stephan Gallegos, PhD, renown expert in the use of Deep Imagery.

Imagery is recently being studied and revalued. Deep Imagery, now considered by some the cutting-edge energy medicine, is beginning to be used in hospitals, playing a part of medical treatment, along side of the accepted modalities of Hypnosis and Reiki.

Deep Imagery is commonly being used by athletes seeking optimal performance, used by addiction specialists, counselors, artists and lay people. Deep Imagery is even starting to appear as part of the business and legal worlds. Seen as a profound adjunct in personal change, Deep Imagery, can be used by anyone seeking a beneficial shift of feeling, energy, behavior and thinking.