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Phyllis Brooks Licis offers

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 A book you won’t be able to put down ! 

Dancing in My Grandfather’s Garden

A compelling personal story, reflecting the essence of the heroine’s task in today’s culture. Culminating with a heart-warming surprise in the rich soils of Ireland,  this gripping story of discovery offers universal hope. Masterfully handing us a compass for our own journeys, Ms Licis reveals the secret of how to listen to our spirit and reclaim our deep inner knowing.

“A spell-binding true tale of feminine unfolding and Deep Imagery, illuminating imagery’s capacity to serve humanity by weaving together the gold and silver threads of the inner and outer worlds.” – Jenny Garrison, RN, Author of Imagery In You

Available through Amazon.com, Print and Kindle


What is the History of Deep Imagery?

There are basically four ways of knowing or receiving information about the world around us: Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery. Thinking ranks high as a way of knowing today, often seen as the only valid mode of knowing. Sensing and Feeling are considered more subjective and less valued ways of knowing, with Imagination frequently falling ...

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