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 A book you won’t be able to put down ! 

Dancing in My Grandfather’s Garden

A compelling personal story, reflecting the essence of the heroine’s task in today’s culture. Culminating with a heart-warming surprise in the rich soils of Ireland,  this gripping story of discovery offers universal hope. Masterfully handing us a compass for our own journeys, Ms Licis reveals the secret of how to listen to our spirit and reclaim our deep inner knowing.

“A spell-binding true tale of feminine unfolding and Deep Imagery, illuminating imagery’s capacity to serve humanity by weaving together the gold and silver threads of the inner and outer worlds.” – Jenny Garrison, RN, Author of Imagery In You

Available through Amazon.com, Print and Kindle

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Phyllis Brooks Licis, MSW, LICSW

Deep Imagery Trainer

“Have you ever been so smitten by something, that suddenly it took precedence over everything else you were doing?!  That is exactly what happened when I first experienced Deep Imagery.  As a Therapist, I knew that I needed to be trained in this ground-breaking process!”

With over 25 years of experience as a licensed clinical therapist, with expertise in individual therapy and couples’ counseling, Phyllis has learned that being in “right-relationship” with ourselves and others means listening to the wisdom of our bodies and following the truth of our hearts.

Earning a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston University and studying Family Therapy at Chicago and Boston Family Institute, Phyllis received certification in Hypnosis from Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA.

Phyllis trained in Ireland with Dr. Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D., founder and pioneer of Deep Imagery.  Recognized by the International Institute for Visualization Research for her work with Deep Imagery, Phyllis is a certified Deep Imagery Workshop Leader and Deep Imagery Trainer.

Moving from her beloved home in Rockport, MA to the warm sands of Ft Myers, FL, in January 2008, Phyllis closed Envision Health and Healing in Wenham, MA and her private psychotherapy practice and has now shifted the focus of her work to teaching Deep Imagery workshops and to training other therapists, healing professionals and lay people in the process of Deep Imagery. Phyllis now travels throughout the United States providing Deep Imagery workshops and training. Her seasoned expertise, creativity and sense of humor enrich her work with both men and women.

As an artist, therapist, with two grown children, Phyllis embraces all with her warmth, compassion and openness, and passionately encourages each of us to trust in an inner knowing, as we see and give voice to the lessons in our own life stories.

Dancing in my Grandfather’s Garden:
Unearthing the Soul of the Feminine and the Gift of Deep Imagery

by Phyllis Brooks Licis, MSW

“I could not put it down . . . upon finishing the book, I felt like reading it all over again . . . beautifully written . . . the author’s courage, clarity, and heart in each page. A work of art . . . a gift to all women, all men, to the Great Being.”- Eligio Stephen Gallegos, PhD, Author, Foremost Authority on Deep Imagery

“. . . a must read . . . recalls the author’s transformation as she searches for her true self ( the essence of the heroine’s task today ). Emerging as a spiritual war- rior, she empowers us to stop, listen and reconnect within.”- Sallie Felton, CMC, PCC, Life Coach, Inter. Talk Radio Host

“Life changing . . . a suberb book . . . a map for all of us on our paths of healing . . . opens our minds to new possibilities . . . invites us to meet guides deep within whose purpose is to show us lovingly to the place of wholeness.- Inez Caster, Free-lance Writer, Editor, Newspaper Columnist

“A spell-binding true tale of feminine unfolding and Deep Imagery, illuminating imagery’s capacity to serve humanity by weaving together the gold and silver threads of the inner and outer worlds.” – Jenny Garrison, RN, Author of Imagery In You

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What are the Origins of Deep Imagery & The Personal Totem Pole Process?

Deep Imagery is rooted in Jungian Psychology’s concept of active imagination, the Eastern recognition of energy centers, or chakras, within our body which govern our health and well-being and the Native American and Indigenous tradition of seeing animals as symbols and carriers of wisdom.

Dr Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D. of New Mexico pioneered this simple, yet, profound technique of personal imagery, called the Personal Totem Pole Process. A Psychologist, College Professor, Artist and Craftsman, Dr Gallegos noted the profound messages received and the dynamic changes which occurred when he used Deep Imagery in counseling. Appreciating the powerful benefits of this remarkable process, Dr Gallegos has been training individuals and groups in Deep Imagery, throughout Europe, the United States and Australia since 1980.

What is the History of Deep Imagery?

There are basically four ways of knowing or receiving information about the world around us: Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery. Thinking ranks high as a way of knowing today, often seen as the only valid mode of knowing. Sensing and Feeling are considered more subjective and less valued ways of knowing, with Imagination frequently falling into only the realm of children, artists and authors.

“Imagery itself has never been used systematically as a tool to help us gain an understanding of the world, yet, it could be an approach with value equal to the scientific method”, says Eligio Stephan Gallegos, PhD, renown expert in the use of Deep Imagery.

Imagery is recently being studied and revalued. Deep Imagery, now considered by some the cutting-edge energy medicine, is beginning to be used in hospitals, playing a part of medical treatment, along side of the accepted modalities of Hypnosis and Reiki.

Deep Imagery is commonly being used by athletes seeking optimal performance, used by addiction specialists, counselors, artists and lay people. Deep Imagery is even starting to appear as part of the business and legal worlds. Seen as a profound adjunct in personal change, Deep Imagery, can be used by anyone seeking a beneficial shift of feeling, energy, behavior and thinking.


How Does Deep Imagery Work?

Deep Imagery is a simple technique that goes beyond visualization. Deep Imagery is a lively visual process that deftly side-steps our logical mind and invites us to observer and interact with an inner image or guide from each of the seven energy centers, or chakras, within our body. Each chakra has a specific location and governs certain of our energies, organs and systems. Dialoging with these seven chakra guides, we receive a message about the state of each energy and are shown what each needs in order to grow, function well and be in alignment with each other. Seeing this dynamic picture of our total energy system, gives us access to a deeper awareness and sensitivity to our body’s messages. With Deep Imagery we tap into a broader perspective and wisdom, often radically different than our everyday one. This perspective from Deep Imagery holds tremendous value for understanding and accepting ourselves.

“ . . . the circle of animal guides is swept around me in ribbons of swirling colors . . . they say, You are loved. I cry from the depths of my being with a new feeling of oneness. This reverence, this transformation, this revelation continues to be a constant and very real part of my every breathing moment.”– MG, Artist, Quilter


Deep Imagery guides have impeccable timing and seem to know precisely the best way for us to heal. Always responding in a manner that will be beneficial to us, it becomes clear that our inner guides are “in our corner”. Experiencing this unconditional love, acceptance and support of our inner guides, we come to feel that we can trust them implicitly, enabling us to drop out-dated defenses and open ourselves to a change in our physical energy and emotional and psychological healing.

“ Already I have experienced a change in chance encounters with strangers. I do not feel defensive. There is a new energy, a deeper sincerity . . . more of my true self is present. I am at peace.” – M,NY

Each Deep Imagery journey is unique, some with unexpected humor and playfulness, some confirming strengths previously unknown, some journeys give us very specific recommendations and practical suggestions. Our inner imagery guides are dedicated to moving us toward being vibrantly alive and whole. Our minds and bodies integrate the events and healings in Deep Imagery as if they actually have taken place in our outer world.   Deep Imagery enhances our life with a richness and with a depth of creativity, purpose and joy.

“Deep Imagery has transformed my life. I feel strong, vibrant and alive.”– JV, Rn


What Are the Benefits of Deep Imagery?

  • Open inner communication and access profound inner knowing
  • Identify, balance and strengthen body energy
  • Promote grounding and centeredness
  • Discover one’s vast creativity
  • Heal issues that affect physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • Restore a sense of personal power and individual well-being.
  • Experience unconditional love and support
  • Celebrate hidden strengths, talents and innate potential
  • Unlock a wealth of insight and practical solutions
  • Develop an authenticity of who you really are

Deep Imagery is a way to shift old patterns and transform old ways of being. Deep Imagery dissolves emotional and psychological blocks. By allowing us to experience new energies Deep Imagery heals emotional injuries and offers us healing new ways of seeing ourselves, reacting to other people and the world around us.

“Smelling my buffalo fur, warmed in the hot sun, I sense a personal feeling of well-being. Turning and slowly walking toward the other buffalos, I feel a deep comfort in my soul, unfamiliar to me previously. I now feel part of the herd.”-GL

On a physical level, Deep Imagery has tremendous positive impact on our health and wellness. Scientists have been studying the pathways that link emotion to health. Negative emotions, loneliness and depression are physiological states which impact our immune system and physical energy and take a toll on our cardiac health. When injured feelings and negative emotions are present and held within, the body senses a potential threat, the brain initiates a cascade of events. Heart and breathing rates increase.  Blood pressure rises.  After years of activation, stress responses can wear the body down, resulting in symptoms including: impaired memory, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, skin problems, digestive difficulties and depression-like symptoms. Deep Imagery calms our mind, relaxes our body, drops our blood pressure and slows our heart and breathing, thus, taxing our system less and allowing for living healthier.

Tapping into a broader perspective and wisdom, Deep Imagery expands our sense of self, develops our creative spirit, and deepens our spirituality, allowing us to live more balance, meaningful, healthy and harmonious life.

“Deep Imagery was a wonderful, natural way to connect to the energy within myself that had been blocked. Releasing it, opened up a whole new perspective.”– E., Meditation Teacher


How Does One Do Deep Imagery? What Happens in a Session of Deep Imagery?

During this amazing technique of inner discovery called The Personal Totem Pole Process, we are relaxed, awake and simply listening and watching what takes place on the inner screen of our deep imagination.

In Deep Imagery, following a short relaxation meditation, we invite a spontaneous inner image, often an animal, to emerge from one of the seven energy centers, or chakras, in our body. Each of the chakras within the body has a specific location and governs certain of our energies, organs and systems. Observing and dialoguing with this image, we receive a message relating to the state of that energy and what it may need to be healthy and to remain in balance with the other energy centers in our body. After meeting all seven inner guides, we ask them if they are willing to meet together, forming a council, to discuss what needs to occur for our balance and wholeness.

Watching the guides interact, offers us a dynamic picture of our energies. Some guides know each other and work easily together, while some may be in conflict, requiring resolution.

With Deep Imagery we learn important information from our inner guides about our emotions, feelings, energy, our intellect, grounding, power and ability to act, our self-confidence and our personal spirituality. Deep Imagery opens the door to an inner wisdom, offering us a deep sense of well-being and revitalization.

“When we tap into the  power of the intuitive  wisdom that is within us all with Deep Imagery, life takes on a deeper meaning; we feel alive and are nourished by what we feel.”– Dr R, Boston


What Are the Goals of Deep Imagery?

  • Access intuitive knowing and inner wisdom
  • Deepen inner communication
  • Integrate and revitalize from within various aspects of self
  • Balance body energy, accelerating personal growth and healing
  • Reclaim inspiration and our powerful creative inner spirit
Personally Professionally Medically Spiritually

Renew your body’s energy! Enrich your life!


I offer individual sessions as well as workshops and trainings in Deep Imagery. I also give talks on my book (Dancing in my Grandfather’s Garden) and the themes I raise there.

Below are a list of some of my Deep Imagery workshops.

You can see my current workshop list here: http://phyllisbrooksdeepimagery.com/workshops

Deep Imagery Workshops 

Introduction to Deep Imagery:Learn about Deep Imagery and its history. Using this simple ability we all have, you will invite a spontaneous inner image or guide to come forth from your active imagination.  Learn how to listen to what this image has to say to you. Discover what truth and meaning it holds for your life. 1 ½ hr session

Gifts that I Bring into the World: Each of us have gifts we bring into the world.  While growing up, we learn to adapt to societal expectations, often dismissing these gifts, thereby, missing pieces of our true self.  Accessing an inner place of knowing, using Deep Imagery, meet an inner image or guide, who can assist you in reclaiming your authentic sense of self with all of your innate gifts.  Emerge with a renewed sense of beauty, wholeness and depth of spirit.  2 hr session

Creating a Bracelet of Belonging:  Women have been adorning their bodies with jewelry and tribally significant art, denoting pride in belonging, throughout history. Today, searching for belonging touches every woman’s life deeply and years can be spent searching, in places that are not true to ourselves. In Deep Imagery, meet an inner guide that can help you reconnect you with your unique design, true tribe and inner belonging.  Paint a wooden bracelet that honors in a tangible way your “true belonging”, carrying deep affirmation for your life.   2 ½ hr session  

Deep Imagery and the Body’s Energy Centers : Activate the remarkable healing power of your own inner visualization.  Learn this simple, but profound process of Deep Imagery and meet spontaneous inner images or guides from your energy centers (or chakras) within your body.  Dialogue with these guides. Discover what your energies need to be healthy and balanced. Inviting your energy to flow freely and live in harmony.  Fri & Sat 9-4pm  

Journal Writing . . . turning the pages of your soul: Journaling bridges the inner and outer worlds, connecting the paths of action and reflection. Learn two creative modes of journaling, giving you a way to interact with and change the contents of who you think you are and what you believe yourself capable of doing.  Watch as your journaling takes you on an adventure, helping you define your goals in relationship to your values and your life purpose. Reminding you that life is being lived on many levels, journaling helps you savor being alive. 2-2hr sessions

Addiction and Recovery:  Often we block our own openness to love.  We may numb ourselves with substances, food, or drugs. With Deep Imagery, meet an inner guide representing Addiction. Learn what part of you still blocks your own ability to give love and experience love.  See what needs to occur to open yourself to your amazing ability to love more fully and embrace Recovery on an even deeper level.    2 hr session  

From “Good Girls” to Great Women:  Today, in the process of growing up as women and being trained to be “good girls”, what happens to our dreams, our voices, our courage and our bodies?  In this workshop, using the exciting tool of Deep Imagery, we will meet a guide that can show us what parts of us are still acting as “good girls” and teach us how to own our voices and see ourselves truly with our hearts.  Celebrate the emergence of yourself as a great woman.  2—2 hrs sessions

 Awakening Your Intuition . . . sitting by the well:  We invite you to sit by your “inner well”, drawing up its nourishing water, allowing your intuition to flow freely.  Using Deep Imagery, with its consciousness differing in quality from your usual awareness, interact with an inner guide.  Watch as this guide skillfully informs, supports and coaches you, as it expands your intuition and leads you toward a true “centeredness” in your life.  2 hr session  

As Your Heart Sees It:  Often we view our life from a limited perspective. We tend to frame life events and encounters with people in ways that make sense to us, but we may miss the remarkable gifts that come with them. Our hearts may have a totally different perspective, seeing more of the rhythm in our life. Using Deep Imagery, invite an inner guide to come forth from “the eyes of your heart”, allowing you to see your life and your magical journey of love from the unique perspective of your heart. “Only the heart sees rightly.” 3  hr session

The Fabric of Your Life:  Experiences, family and friends help make up the fabric of your life—the rich brocades with patterns, some bold, some fairly subtle, some that can only be appreciated from a distance. Some that can only be seen in certain light. Invite an inner guide to come forth to show you the amazing texture of your life—the inter-weaving of threads of varying strengths, lengths and thickness, the play of colors, deep, soft, retiring and shimmering. Using the remarkable method of Deep Imagery give yourself the opportunity to appreciate this beautiful, unique creation that is held in your heart, offering your life its rich fullness.  3 hr session




Working with the deep imagination.
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